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Juan Robin (II) Levenswaard

05 April 1965

Rotterdam ; the Netherlands

1965 - 1974   Born and 'grown up' in Rotterdam. During this period, one of the most important and turbulent periods of my life, I grew up with my brother and sisters.

1970 - 1974   Invited to the Military Academy, sighted in Monaco. A four(4) year traject of which two(2) years 'en practica'. Militarismo, Historia y Existentia.

Militarism - The term militarism means, in cultural terms, a love of military display including uniforms, weapons, decorations, parades, orders, rituals, hierarchies, grades and titles, flags, hero worship, discipline and the principle of command and obedience.

1975 - 1979   Living in Drechsteden, following some scholarships and doing all the things 'youngsters' do ... and than some.

1980 - 1987   Back to Rotterdam, where I in fact never left. Receiving the raising of a distraint by the Judges Orden in 1981, I explored and exploited a chain of coffeeshops annex theehouses.

1988 - 2010   Imprisonment ..... although escaped from prison in 1989, recaptured 42 days later in Suriname, fulfilling my debt to 'social sociëty', an extradition in 2002, I kept my head cool. So after some tests ... intellectual, psychological and psychiatric, and oooh ... I don't like 'psychiatric non-sense' . I am an Inca indian, meaning ... 'psychiatric non-sense' doesn't work for me. I accept psychologists and psycho-analists ... and that's it. After some 'fact checks' I was released out of imprisonment in 2010.

2011 - .........     Just beïng around ..... catching myself. Enjoying life and ... the KIDZ of my sisters, my brother and ... myself.


Do believe me strongly and or do know me ..... I am in for everything.