Internet Marketing May Well Save Your Offline Business

It is a tough time to be in the business of offline advertising. Internet marketing is pushing many offline advertising business out of the way.

Something today’s small business owner is very aware of is the cost of offline advertising. Such as radio and TV comercials, newspaper and magazines, direct mail, yellow page phone books and the list just goes on and on. Each one of these can cost from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the ad or the length of the commercial. And in many cases these ads may be less than effective. Consequently, small business owners are loking for cheaper advertising and more bang for their advertising dollars. So they in turn have turned to online advertising.

Maybe you haven’t really noticed, but Google has become extremely important in the online world. As Google continues to grow, it has an estimated worth of over $200 billion dollars, they have become the leader of online advertising. One of the ways they do this is to offer the entire world a free place to find information and products. They are able to do this because, this is not where they make their money.

Google is heavily into the business of advertising and they do it in the Internet marketing style. They realized in their infancy there was a monsterous demand from people looking for any and everything. This may seem really obvious, however let me explain. In the past, a few big companies dominated the advertising scene and spent millions on advertising campaigns which were designed to reach a large audience of people. They were hoping that a percentage of that audience would buy their products.

Google really had no interest in that particular group of people. Google instead realized that there were an unlimited amount of small and large businesses and if they could offer those same businesses a way to reach potential customers for pennies on the dollar, then Google would stand to make a lot of money. We are talking about billions. Since they already knew that people were searching for a lot of things,they stood a very good chance of dominating the advertising business.

Internet Marketing was not born with Google, however it has grown with them. This method is actually revolutionary if you think about it. They have connected a group of hungry customers with businesses. Those little advertising boxes that are located on the top, bottom and either side of every Google search you do on the internet, or a prime example of reaching out to targeted potential clients.

What this means for Internet marketing is that you will not have to compete with the other advertisers and search through the people who are not interested in your product to begin with. The two sides of Internet marketing are building relationships and finding the hungry customer. The more obvious one is the hungry customer. If a person is looking for a way to stop the feline incontinence and you have a solution to stop the feline incontinence, then it should be obvious that you should be talking to the person that wants what you have.

The Internet will allow you to do this, and usually for a fairly small price. Though you may have seen it done, the other aspect is not as obvious. That would be the conversation side. If you have ever used Amazon, you have seen a master at work. Amazon makes a concentrated effort to get to know their customer, and offer things that they think their customer may like.

Targeted internet marketing is what Amazon uses to get to the top, they do not use an advertising business. You can do this, just as easily. And you should.

You need to corral your customers and not allow them to wander off and then make sure that you give them what they want. If you run an advertising business and wish to survive you need to be offering your advertising customers what they want. You need to offer new ways to clients that will allow them to find the hungry customer. Do you know, what is going to save your advertising business,

Internet marketing will.

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