Web SEO PPC Make Money with These Techniques

Web SEO PPC involves the technique of optimizing your website for the search engines and using pay per click marketing to get targeted traffic. SEO is search engine optimization and involves using keywords to get higher search engine rankings. PPC is pay per click advertising or pay per click marketing.

Pay per click marketing is an important marketing tool. You pay a company so much for each click you receive on your ad. Each click is a targeted visitor to your website, and someone who could potentially purchase whatever it is that you’re selling.

If a person uses something they call web SEO PPC to help advertise their website and get traffic, they’re just combining good search engine optimization with a pay per click campaign. This combined approach offers the marketer different methods of generating traffic, and a better chance at great results.

For the SEO portion of web SEO PPC techniques, it’s important to decide on the right keywords for your website. You can use more than one keyword per page, but it’s best to optimize one page for one keyword, at least at first.

Choose a keyword and optimize one web page for that keyword. Be sure to use the keyword in the title of your page, in any headings, and if possible in the first line of your regular text. Aim for a keyword density of around 1.5% or 2%. That means that the keyword makes up that percentage of all the words on the page.

You can find tools online to measure that for you, or you can just count how many times you use the key word in the text and divide that by the number of words. In a 500 word page, using a keyword from 5 to 7 times will get you around 1.5% or 2% keyword density. Also, use the keyword in the HTML meta description tag.

Now you’ve used web SEO PPC to optimize your page for the search engines. Next, those same keywords will probably be good for the PPC part of your optimization. Be sure to use the keyword tools available at your pay per click company’s website to help you find good keywords, too.

Google Adwords has an excellent keyword tool, for instance. Using such a tool can also help you further optimize pages of your website. You might want to add some pages based on keywords you find with the Adwords keyword tool.

Set your budget, choose your pay per click keywords and get started. After the search engines have time to scan your newly optimized website, search on your keywords to see how high your site ranks. If you can get your site in the first few results of the search engine, you may not need to buy pay per click advertising for that keyword anymore.

If so, you can spend your PPC money on other keywords. That’s an example of using good web SEO PPC techniques to maximize your website’s exposure for very little or no cost at all.

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