What Are The 3 Basic Rules of Social Networks

Let’s face it social networks can be the “cat’s meow” for meeting new people. It has also proven over and over again to be a valuable tool to grow your online business. A lot of internet business owners rely on social networks for advertising more than they do forums. At one time social networks were mainly for meeting new people all over the world. Today, however it is common to enter a social network site that is full of advertisements for all kinds of products and ideas.

The original intent of a social network was to gather with other community members and share ideas, thoughts, life experiences, and even meet new people from all over the world. It was also important for the community members to adhere to a certain code of conduct within the social networks. The same is still true for the business owner today that is using the social network to promote their business. There are certain rules that if they are not followed can ruin your advertising campaign.

Not Joining in The Discussions

The main idea of all the social networks is to meet and socialize with the other members of the network. As a new member you need to meet and mingle with the other members of the community. Share your thoughts and ideas with them. Develop relationships and trust in them before promoting your product. If you do not join in the discussions and just decide to start promoting your product you are considered rude and you will be ignored by the users in the community.

Continually Selling

The original intent of social networks was to build relationships of other members as well as gaining their loyalty and trust. Once you have developed these three things in the community then you may introduce your product but not until then. If you are continually making sales pitches no one will want to talk to you and you will not earn their trust and loyalty.


Your personal conduct that you portray, in a social network site. should be courteous and respectful of others. You are considered a guest of the community and you need to act accordingly. Polite disagreements are all right but if you are rude and obnoxious or express harsh criticism or any other harsh behavior you will be ignored or banned.


You must be honest and open in your profile. Do not falsify any part of your profile. In doing so you can become known as dishonest and some of the better social networks will ban you for this practice.

As you can see there are several different rules that you must follow in any social network site. If you pay close attention to these rules, you can also use them as a list of things to avoid as well. Social networking can be a great way to promote your business if you just follow these simple rules.

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