WordPress Blogs For Your Business Site

One of the more popular software tools available on the Internet is WordPress marketing. With this software you have the choice of making a business website or a blog or even a combination of the two. Many website owners on the Internet prefer the use of a blog as a business website. There are many benefits of using a WordPress blog for your business website.

WordPress has the unique ability to be a blog but not act or look like a blog. It also has more search engine advantages than any other type of software. WordPress sites make a great business website and the top five reasons are listed below:
1. Updated Frequently: Using a WordPress blog allows you to update your site on a daily basis and search engines love new content. Search engines will love your original fresh content, they find it irresistible. Search engines love new content and thrive on the content that you will provide. This has the added benefit of raising your rank in search engine results.
2. Keyword Searches When you create your blog using WordPress, keyword searches occur much more naturally. This simply means that people are able to find your site easier when they are searching using keywords. If your competition does not use WordPress you will easily outrank them in the search engines. However, if they are using WordPress for a blog, you will have to use a little extra effort to beat their rank. A search engine ranking is very important and a business should take advantage of this by using a WordPress blog.
3. Events: Webcrawlers will attach themselves quicker and easier when you post an event or date. Using WordPress will allow you to schedule an event for visitors or to promote a product using a short news announcement.
4. Subscribe: When you use an RSS feed with your site, your visitors can subscribe to your website and will be notified when you add new content. For those that add new products or features to their site, this is a great feature. This feature allows you to save time when sending out a bulk email. When they post new content an email is generated automatically.
5. Comments: If you want, you can allow visitors to leave comments on your blog. This will create more interest in your website and visitors will come to your site frequently. The comments will also increase search engine results as the comments will be fresh content for your website. Finally, comments will allow you to network and be more aware of new developments in your field.

There are many advantages of using a WordPress blog for your small business website. These were only five benefits, however there are so much more. Creating a WordPress Marketing blog for your business would be a very wise decision.

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